Pernille Amping

Welcome to my painting world

Painting is a way for me to share my history, my now and my future. In the creation of a painting I experience new insights about me, my life, the world and all the undiscovered. It is a spiritual journey where I come closer to cultivating kindness and compassion. “Sharing” is a place where I put words to my experiences and share this with you, because I want to and because I think it matters that we share our deepest; cultivating trust and connection.

I will post new messages from time to time.....

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"Conceived in the Flowers of Mother Nature"

February 2019

Size 100cm x 140cm

Price 9.000,-

"Reborn Through Woman Veils" July 2018

110 cm x 80 cm

6.000 dkr. incl. frame


"Nature Expecting Fruit" August 2018

Size 100cm x 135 cm

Price 8.500 dkr. incl old gold-colored frame if you wish.

This painting was made on an old canvas that I bought in a thrift store. I love to find these old paintings and melt my colors and shapes into them. It connects me to a life I have never met and inspires me sense a deeper creativity. Final work is sharing two stories in one. LOVE IT Go here to se the process:

"Lemon Season Women" August 2018

60cm x 120 cm

Price 5.500 dkr.


"Embraced by Mama Earth" January 2018

100 cm x 100 cm

Price 6.500

"Life Dances with Madame Dancing Queen" July 2018

80 cm x 80 cm

Price 4.500 dkr.

"Earth, Dance & Fire" July 2018

60 cm x 120 cm

5.500 dkr 

"Loving Life Disco Moves" July 2018

80 cm x 100 cm

Price 5.500 dkr. incl. frame

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